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«…le spectacle s’est ouvert avec la magnifique ballade That’s How I Got to Memphis où Nathalie Bonin, spectaculaire présence scénique, a illustré en quelques coups d’archet le statut du violon dans la tradition country américaine : irremplaçable.», Daniel Lemay, La Presse, 4 juin 2011


«For “Chagall,” Nash brings in members of his Odeon ensemble, accordionist Bill Schimmel and violinist Nathalie Bonin, who team with tuba player Wycliffe Gordon, for a chamber-like arrangement that mixes the sophisticated whimsy of a Parisian sidewalk soundtrack with the high (gorgeously yearning violin passages) and low (klezmer-like canters) culture of Russia.», Bill Morrisson, emusic Canada 2010

«L’atmosphère est devenue carrément torride lorsque Garou a entonné Da Ya Think I’m Sexy de Rod Stewart et Aimer d’amour de Boule Noire, épaulé avec brio par ses choristes, Nathalie Bonin, aussi violoniste, et Élisabeth Blouin- Brathwaite.», Annik Chainey, Le Droit, 18 juin 2010

«En compagnie du trompettiste Wynton Marsalis et de son Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra et avec pour soliste invitée la violoniste québécoise Nathalie Bonin, Nash rend un hommage musical à ces incontournables de l’histoire de l’art pictural que sont Monet, Dali, Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, Chagall et Pollock. Superbement incarnée, la suite en sept mouvements exploite une riche palette faite d’échos de flamenco, d’influences klezmer et d’un brin de romantisme.», Stanley Péan, Le Voir, 11 mars 2010

«(Nash) and his crew succeed admirably in their mission of evoking the moods suggested by these very different artists.» – Portrait in Seven Shades CD, Jeff Tamarkin, Jazz Times, avril 2010

“…l’excellente violoniste Nathalie Bonin.” Alain Brunet, La Presse, 21 mars 2009

“Desert Landscapes” features a moving violin solo by Nathalie Bonin. Véronica Timpanelli,, 2008

«Songs like “Jump Line,” “Tango Sierra” and “Tico Tico” mesh jazz elements with South American idioms in much the same way that Astor Piazzolla and Stan Getz used to do. The Piazzolla comparison is particularly apt because of Schimmel’s free reed virtuosity and Bonin’s stylistic similarities to Piazzolla’s favorite violinist, Pablo Ziegler.», Robert Kirkham, Buffalo News, March 30th 2009

“… expressive violinist, Nathalie Bonin.” Ben Ratliff, The New York Times, March 24th 2005

«Bonin’s violin work is also simply gorgeous. Her contributions to Odeon are many, particularly considering her interest in all kind of music from around the world. Bonin plays a nicely turned solo (on Walk this way)…», Jazzitude CD Review, 2005

«…including the exceptional young violinist Nathalie Bonin, a native of Montreal…», Lloyd Sachs, editorial CD review

«Violinist Nathalie Bonin—a versatile player heard most recently on saxophonist Ted Nash’s La Espada De La Noche (Palmetto, 2005)—proves once again that a younger generation of classically-trained players is often just as comfortable in extemporaneous settings. “To Solar Piazza” opens with a passionate solo from Bonin that leads into a softer pseudo-tango referencing Astor Piazolla’s integration of 20th Century classical constructs into the folks music of his own culture. […]  … the trio’s (and Bonin’s) clearly sophisticated improvisational prowess.», John Kelman, All About Jazz, January 13th 2006

«…young Montreal-based string quartet led by violinist Nathalie Bonin. The Nachoff originals and arrangments reflect an integrated contemporary environment in which the strings never sound awkward – Bonin even improvises on the bristing Branches.» Geoff Chapmen, Toronto Star, January 5th 2006

“The group’s most interesting member, however, is violinist Nathalie Bonin, whose emotionally direct playing…”, Chris Kelsey, JazzTimes, June 2005

“Walk This Way” (not the Aerosmith song) concludes the album, a blues with a boogie bottom and a loose-limbed violin solo by Nathalie Bonin. Great stuff! Paul de Barros, Seattle Times, May 15th 2005

“Nathalie Bonin plays a very sensual solo on “Sebago” (…) Bonin really digs in and seems to have a lot of fun, answered both by Nash and Bill Schimmel on accordion.” Budd Kopman, All About Jazz 2005

“…un quatuor à cordes emmené par l’étonnante violoniste canadienne Nathalie Bonin (chorus de toute beauté en introduction au morceau To Solar Piazza , pièce inspirée par le compositeur argentin Astor Piazzola).” Timur Arslan, Abeille Musique AMCD 2006

“The string quartet has a solid solo voice in leader Nathalie Bonin’s violin.” Troy Collins, All About Jazz, February 12th 2006

“A jazz trio, featuring another New York import, the superb Mark Helias on bass, is spliced together with a first-rate string quartet,” Ty Cumbie, All About Jazz, March 4th 2006

Quinsin Nachoff : Magic Numbers (Songlines) 3 1/2 stars, Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star, January 5th 2006

“TOP 5 Jazz CDs” on Don Heckmans “Best Of” list for 2005. Los Angeles Times, 2005 Don Heckmen

“Joined by violinist Nathalie Benin (who has a beautiful “legit” tone).” Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene, May 2005

Ted Nash and Odeon, La Espada de la Noche, 9/10. Len Dobbin, The Mirror, August 11th 2005

“And Nash’s sense of humor extends beyond tangofication—to the fleet-fingered violin and clarinet-led reading of the Latin evergreen “Tico Tico” and indeed to the very inclusion of “Walk This Way,” another tune in which violinist Nathalie Bonin makes a big and joyful impression.” Chris May, All About Jazz, CD Review

Netscape Music AMG rating : 4.5. La Espada de la Noche is an especially memorable and unique set, one of the more inspired jazz recordings of 2005. Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

“Nash’s ‘Sebago’ could be the soundtrack to a Fellini movie, with Nathalie Bonin’s sweet violin supported by accordion (Bill Schimmel) and tuba (Clark Gayton) before the music surges into a passionate Bonin-Nash unison.” Paul Weideman, Pasa Tempos Cd Reviews, The Santa Fe New Mexican, May 7th 2005

“Two beautifully intense movements of “Concierto de Aranjuez” help to sway listeners into moods of optimism and tragedy with sensitive solos from Nathalie Bonin on violin alternating with Nash’s pensive saxophone lines.” Paula Edelstein, All About Jazz 2005

“Ted Nash and Odeon, “La Espada de la Noche” *** 1/2… But with Clark Gayton (tuba) pumping out the tango rhythm and Nathalie Bonin (violin) and Bill Schimmel (accordion) applying a sensual dose of Argentine atmosphere, this is a “Night” the late Gillespie never envisioned, though you figure he’d be pleased. Owen Cordle, The News and Observer, Raleigh, April 24th 2005

“…Nathalie Bonin’s violin makes for a delectable front line partner to Nash’s arsenal of horns.” Troy Collins, All Music Guide to Jazz, April 14th 2005

“…violinist Nathalie Bonin fiddles with heat and energy.” Owen McNally, Hartford Courant, April 14th 2005

“…violinist Nathalie Bonin and accordionist Bill Schimmel, two classically trained artists with a feel for open-ended jazz. …Then came Bonin, who worked with an extremely warm sound and deep feeling.” Zan Stewart, New Jersey Star-Ledger, April 15th, 2004

“Bienvenue à Nathalie Bonin. Son jeu passionné et sa maîtrise instrumentale font honneur à la famille des violonistes modernes.”, Jean-Luc Ponty, 21 février 1998

“Nathalie possède un jeu d’une qualité sonore et d’une assurance puissantes et dotées d’une présence émotive et d’une fraîcheur exemptes de tics stylistiques.”, Darol Anger, 6 mars 1998

“Nathalie Bonin est une violoniste extrêmement talentueuse… et je suis convaincue qu’elle est destinée à une carrière très prometteuse comme “voix” originale au violon.” Julie Lyonn Lieberman, March 13 1998

“Nathalie Bonin, à vingt-sept ans, est probablement la violoniste qui offre la plus belle polyvalence du genre en ce moment : elle a joué avec Ann Victor (chanson-Jazz), Saïd Mesnaoui (violon arabe), Nakï (instrumental), Katjar (worldjazz), une série de concerts récents avec Sylvie Royer (chanson), une tournée avec Richard Cocciante, des stages réguliers à New York, et à l’intérieur d’ensemble à cordes, accompagnant les Luciano Pavarotti et Holy Cole lorsqu’ils passent par Montréal ; bref, la jeune femme a le nez fourré partout.” Claude Côté, Le Voir, Montréal, 22 octobre 1998

“Nathalie is a consistantly exciting, gifle performer who excels in modal improvisation, winding up her solos slowly and adding more and more rythmique intensity.” Mark Chung, Strings, April 1999, Number 77

“Une ensorcelante violoniste.” Sylvain Cormier, Le devoir, 23 décembre 1998

“Le trio Katjar … Sa musique évocatrice et variée s’inspire de styles traditionnels qu’il exploite avec une habileté étonnante. Un disque dont l’écoute pourrait créer une accoutumance !” Jacques Garcia, Paroles et Musique, septembre 1998

“A blend of traditional jazz and good musicians (trio Katjar).” 8/10. Wolfgang Bottenberg, Mirror, October 1998

“Bernard Épaud, Nathalie Bonin et Bertil Shulrabe malaxent guitare, violon et percussions avec brio.” Claude Côté, Le Voir, Montréal 30 juillet 1998

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